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My son needs employment, preferably full time

We (son, grandson, and I) moved to AZ from OR last October at the request of family needing our help. The need for help lasted 3 months and then we were ditched by family. My son found a "job" but only worked a total of 1 month in 4 months. He recently submitted his application with the KUSD. He really needs to work, wants to work and is a very hard working individual. He likes having fun on the job, is innovative and resourceful. BUT no one will give him a chance. Jobs are extremely few here and pay scale is very low. Please pray that he gets work soon. My retirement and ss barely cover our living expenses with a bit left for food, gas in the van, or whatever the dire need is at the time.

God is good and I know HE has a plan. He is being r e a l l y sloooooooow about revealing it!!!! I know I sound like everyone else, but this past ear has been super hard for the 3 of us. If we didn't have a fairly large nicely producing garden, we wouldn't have the luxury of fresh vegetables to eat.

Thank you for praying for us. May God continue to richly bless all of you.

Your sister in Christ,

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Thank you for praying for us.

Thank you for praying for us. Praise Jesus!!! My son has been hired by the local school district as a bus driver and is currently in training. Please continue to pray for him for healing from flu-like symptoms. He is tough and trying to do what he needs to do for this new job inspite of being sick. God is his strength even though he doesn't realize it!!!

Also, pray for life issues and realities my grandson, Shadeau, is facing and struggling to deal with.

Thank you for your continued prayer.
Love in Christ

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