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I would like for you to please pray for me. I have three surgeries on my back and I am now handicapped. I can't use the bathroom correctly and my right thigh and right leg is permanently numb. I lost my job in 2007 after the surgeries and I haven't found work since than. I have two children. My son Francisco and Metuschelah Myrtil. Please pray for my children and my husband Jean for them to change into good people. My son Francisco quit college even though he had one year to complete and hes 24 years old. My daughter is 13 years old. I have six things I really need for god to do for me. My first need is that I want to be at my best health now. My second need is I need a job. My third is that me and my family which to have a house. My fourth is that I would have a car to have transportation. My fifth is that my son will change in a positive way as If it was another life. My sixth need is that my daughter will successfully complete high school, complete high school, and have a good job to have a good life without being persuaded to follow friends who would have a negative effect on her. My sixth is that my family in Haiti stays safe and has a nice and good life. I haven't worked in the five years and eight months. I haven't received any help. All I want is God to help me. I am an Avon Rep. but I am not making any help. Please advertise so I can support my family. My website is I listen to this radio probably 24 hours a day and I love it. The radio station is right next to my church called the Hatian Baptist Church.
God Bless You

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Marie Myrtil
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Hello! Just wanted to say I

Just wanted to say I am taking the 30 day challenge...listening keeps my focus on God throughout the day, and helps me think less about myself! I see this only being beneficial, so why wouldn't I take the challenge?! ;)

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