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I would like to ask for prayer concerning my wife and I. Please do not judge her as I have not lived my life to bring glory to God. Now she has left me. She has seperated and moved out. We have three beautiful children ages 9, 8 , and 4. Our 9 year old is affected the most, but God is good. My son reads his Bible faithfully and all 3 children pray every day for their Mama to come home. I can say that I am thankful for this trial, because I wasn't listening to God or turning around, but I really want her back. I think I am struggling with putting her first before God, but am so confused on how to fight for her. I know God hates divorce, and wants me to fight for her. My prayers are continually for her and for God to have mercy on us, for nothing else is going to bring her home except His grace and mercy. I have never experienced this much pain in my life before and so desperately need God to answer. I struggle everyday to breathe. I don't know how to even ask for prayer, because all I want is for her to come home. I am sorry if I rambled and didn't say much, but all I have in me right now is pain and suffering. I know that I am supposed to bring Him glory through my suffering, but I don't know how. Please Lord God Almighty, fix this mess I have caused. Thankfully my wife is a Christian, so I can have hope in the Holy Spirit working in her. Thank you for your prayers.

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Jason Houlihan
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Dear Jason, I am also a woman

Dear Jason,

I am also a woman who left her husband and children when they were in their early teens, a tumultuous time! I came back after two years, but that is my own story. Here is what happened:

1. GOD told my husband (my kids adopted dad) to 'be a ROCK for me and to WAIT for me!' My leaving woke him up to the things I had been trying so hard to get through to him about our marriage and family issues. BUT.. I was WRONG to leave in the first place and it caused a lot of pain to us all!

2. GOD worked in my heart for those 2 years and in my husband's heart... and we comforted our kids while we worked through things.. but they still struggled because my kids.. lost their dad to illness when they were small.

I think the 'good' that came out of it all was that this and GOD brought us BOTH to our knees in our intense pain where we needed to be to learn to die to self for the other and our family. I wish I could say that everything worked magically fine after our reunion, but in fact it has taken many years of GOD working still in us to sacrifice for one another like Jesus does. Our kids learned over time that no marriage or family is perfect and LOVING and Cherishing one another is worth FIGHTING for!It's hard to see our kids suffer most of all when they don't understand. But they are resilient when they are assured we love them!

Let GOD lead you.. share your grief with HIM, encourage and love your kids with all of your heart.. GOD will comfort them and you as well. HE will lead you in how to handle all of this and what to say and do. My husband listened to GOD.. that's all it takes to do all you can do. Praying and standing with you. hugging you with tears..


hi, Keep turning to JESUS!!!

hi, Keep turning to JESUS!!! Keep laying All of this down at his feet...remember, HE knows EXACTLY what is happening and why. Be strong!!! and armor up.

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