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My wife and I are seperated

Please pray for the marriage of Jon and Karen, may we be able to reconcile our differences and regain the Love and trust we once shared.
Thank you.

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My husband and i will pray

My husband and i will pray for your marriage, my parents are going through the same thing!:( but may his perfect will be done in your marriage:) God Bless You


Thank you.

Thank you.


my husband and i are

my husband and i are separated as well. he is completely detached, and emotionless. i understand his feelings. all i can do is be gentle and kind showing all of Christs love to him regardless his response to me. God hates divorce and he allowed it back in the days of moses because of their selfish cold hearts. i believe many end up in divorces due to anger: which is just where the enemy wants us. do not give in to him, God is greater in us than he who is in this world. keep your faith and God will answer your prayers. i will pray for your marriage ;0, God bless you


...oh yeah, there is this

...oh yeah, there is this little book called, "saving your marriage on your own". i dont remember the author, but it is a short book you can read in one sitting. it may be very helpful. good luck on your journey in trusting in our Savior Jesus Christ ;)

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