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At my wits end...

August was the best and worst month of my life. I had my second child and after 2 hours the person I was with left. He was my means of support. I got a job, went through a membership class with a local church. So far has been going ok. She did spend a month and a half in the nicu came out with a gtube she fine now but its been a constant battle. there's more then i can get into. my vehicle blew up the other day so i was force to buy something that i barely know what im doing with rent and babysitters let alone a car payment. with all these expenses and everything i just don't know what to do. i have no family out here nothing is consistent with sitters, and everything. i am asking for prayers in ways i don't even know i am just praying that my situation gets better. i am so stressed and feel lost. the only thing keeping me sane is Jesus.

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