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As of Yesterday afternoon a rumor at school started about me, many kids around the school have been going around saying that I have been doing things with several people that I haven't, let alone know who they are. They have all been calling me very vague words along with the nasty rumors. I came home yesterday crying my eyes out. Then today (April 5, 2013) kids were giving me dirty looks all day, and were whispering about me then when I would turn around they would laugh at me and keep walking .then when I got off of my bus and began walking home a white car drove by me and a few kids yelled those names at me those nasty words again. It's been so hard and lately I've just been wanting to give up. But I ran home crying and the first hung I did was go to my room and turn on SOS !

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I'm praying for you A.C. God

I'm praying for you A.C. God loves you so much... I know that can be hard to see when you're facing something like this. Make sure you see help and don't face this alone.



A.C. . Pray for them and ask

A.C. .
Pray for them and ask GOD to forgive them for they not know what they do. You stay strong in faith and seek counseling, speak to someone at home/school about this as well. Adults should know that these kids are being mean. Then trust in God and know he will handle all your issues just allow him to do so.



That sounds just terrible,

That sounds just terrible, remember God sees and knows the truth about you and your heart. When I feel discouraged by anything I like to read Psalms, there is allot of comfort there. Try psalm 27, 37, 116, 93, 121. That will be a start! And pray and tell Jesus how you feel and ask for his help, like for a friend to come along side you. :-)


AC My daughter who is now 25

AC My daughter who is now 25 went through a similar situation when she was in JR High School. It was awful and hurtful but she came through it and she did so by staying focused on God's Truth, and the unconditional love He has for her and her older sister and I loved her and reminded her of Satan's lies and that those lies sometimes come through other people. I too was tormented when I was younger so I know first hand what you are going through. I will be praying for you, and praying that you will hear God's words, you have to listen, really listen because the world is loud and God whispers to your soul.

You hang in there I promise if you stand strong in the Lord this will pass and one day you will look back and realize how strong you are and how loved!

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