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Hi just want to begin with saying I'm a born again Christian my faith and trust is in Jesus Christ.I'm asking for just a couple minutes of your time to please pray for me.I've been struggling financially for a very long time. I've currently worked in a job full time trying daily to hang in there. I was told I would be given a promotion and thought if I only hang on a bit longer this would help me financially. Things have changed in my job and they are not in my favor. Right now honestly I'm emotionally hurting not to mention financially as well. Please pray for me. Thank you.

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Father please bring this

Father please bring this Christian believer, the peace that passes all understanding. I pray for that promotion, or a job that pays more than the current one. I bind the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Brother or sister. I am an ex convict, I do know the struggles many people are facing right now. At one point in time I thought the Lord was angry at me, no, it was the enemy satan playing with my mind. Your a child of the King, Jesus Christ has got your back. I believe the Lord has your break through coming soon. God Bless

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