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need guidance, strength

Please pray for me, I am feeling my life has just been spiraling out of control because I am carrying the burdens of others and its mentally & physically draining me and financially draining me.

I dont even know where to start or what to say.. I just feel so ugly, fat, unloved, unwanted, stressed out... I dont know what to do I am not one to focus on the problem but when one is not trying or applying themself & I feel nothing but disrespected & unappreciated what do I do?

Im living with my boyfriend who is in a place in his life where doesnt have his career set, which my making more money has not been a problem with me, but just seems everything he does and coices he makes end up costing us more and more money. Its like everything he touches turns to nothing and now I feel like I am nothing.

I am so messed up & insecure from the horrible words, and disrespect...everything is my fault..I cannot take this verbal abuse..his words hurt, he swears at me in front of my 7 yr old son, I ask over & over for him to stop, but he doesnt care he just blames me for everything, expects me to handle everything. Im drained, Im hurt.. I dont know what to do!

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u r in my prayers..i know how

u r in my prayers..i know how being used feels and saying no can be soo hard too..but once you do it will make a huge diffrence..i still struggle with that..but i am working on it..God bless u


Praying GOD will order your

Praying GOD will order your steps one day at a time and fill your spirit, heart and mind with all you need as a balm to quiet and heal your heart and soul and guide your way. HUGS!

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