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My daughter has just had her 11th surgery for a neurological condition (Arnold Chiari Malformation). She is healing slowly after 1 week in the hospital and 2 weeks in in-patient rehab. She still is not able to walk on her own and needs help with dressing and showering. She is still in a lot of pain from the surgery and the condition causes headaches on a daily basis. Please pray for healing and a quick return of her strength so that she can regain some independence. She is 30 years old, and although I assure her that she is not, she feels like she is a burden on her father and I. Her desire is to have a husband and children. She cries often over these things and I don't have the words to help. We are often told that she is an inspiration because through all of this, her faith has remained strong and she continues to smile, but as her mom, I know the pain, physical and emotional, is wearing her down.

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You ate definitely in my

You ate definitely in my prayers. I fully believe our Lord will help your daughter to rebuild her life. You and your husband are truly blessings for your daughter. I pray for her prayers to be answered, her recovery, and a His grace to shine down on all of you. God bless you.

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