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It's amazing how much can change in one year and how one mistake can lead to one bad habit after the other. My husband and I were devoted Christians, we were saved,we attended church, and helped spread the word of Jesus. Our blessings were amazing we had our second child, a healthy baby boy, we had a happy daughter & good relationships with our family.

However we were weak and we fell back into temptation, a life of drinking, going out with friends, living in sin. I believe because of this the following events have occurred just to name a few, my husband got laid off, has fallen into a world of drugs & gambling, we got evicted,we are not close with our family anymore. We stopped going to church, we are in debt, we were spitted out like lukewarm water we stopped praying, we fight every day because of all the stress. I want our life back, I want to be happy, I don't want to cry anymore, I want the relationship Jesus and i shared, I miss talking to him every night. I also miss my husband. I try to talk sense into him on getting our life together again but he keeps slipping further down, we need JESUS in our life ,please pray for me and my family and for Jesus to let us back in his kingdom. I need the strength and i need him to pick me up for I have tried doing it on my own & I know I just can't without him.

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I've been out of work for 2

I've been out of work for 2 year now but I have a interview today and would like for some prayer for me to get the job...... thanks


I will pray for you and God's

I will pray for you and God's will for you to be placed in the best place for Him to use your gifts and your talents. Amen


I can relate with you on

I can relate with you on this. My husband and I were going through some rough times. It was like we put God on the back burner and expected life to be the same. It wasn't. It wasn't until I audibly spoke the words "satan I rebuke you" that the fog lifted. All of a sudden I went from wanting a divorce to -divorce is not even an option. I started thinking more clearly and things got better. Don't give up. You, your husband and your children are still blessed because you are His. Don't let satan's lies tell you its over. Be positive and find peace in him everyday. I will be praying for you all.

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