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In need of wisdom

Please pray that God gives me wisdom and direction. Need to file for divorce from abusive ex. I don't know where to turn. I am leaving here shortly and need help.

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Get out while your still

Get out while your still alive my x-husband fractured my skull I have brain damage now. Take your kids pets get the heck out for your own salty go to safe nest don't wait! GO!


I went thru this feel free to

I went thru this feel free to contact me I will give u all the resources I wish I would have had when I left. 7022056542. I'm praying for you!!!!


God is obviously working in

God is obviously working in your life, He has given you the courage to accept you need to file, Just pray and listen for his direction and your answer will come.

My prayers are with you


You are in my prayers! I have

You are in my prayers! I have gone through an abusive relationship and I know how difficult it is. It hurts when you love the other person but they hurt you physically, emotionally and mentally. Put your trust in God and he will help you to the hardest thing and that's taking the first step out of the door. Remember that you are loved and God will provide even if it feels impossible at first.

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