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needing prayer over my best friend and her family

Hello, my name is Brittany and I was wondering if you guys could pray for one of my best friends named Katelyn. Her dad is very sick and in the hospital and they may lose him. She needs faith and and hope to trust in the Lord with whatever happens. She is supposed to start her senior year of high school this month and she just really needs a sign to show her Jesus loves her and her family. I do not think her dad is saved and I just pray that if they do lose him that he gets another chance to get saved before he passes. I have been a christian basically all my life and have listened to your radio station since I was about 11 years old. Your music has helped me and my family through so much and I thank you. Please pray for my friend Katelyn and her family. Thank you!

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Father God I come before you

Father God I come before you asking for the salvation of this family. They need you now to bring the peace that surpasses all things they are facing tough times. Thank you for sending that special person Brittany she has a heart for you God and I'm agreeing with Brittany in the name of Jesus for your will to be done for this family.

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