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Hello, I would like to ask for prayers to go up to Heaven today. This afternoon my father and sister, Appa and Chonghwa, will be hearing the God's Word. Our family made a special appointment with a local pastor to come and share God's love with them in our home. Our family is separated by cities and countries, but I believe that God's word has no boundaries. Can I ask that all who believe, pray with confidence and expectation that His name be exalted through a new faith in Appa's and Chonghwa's hearts? Thank you so much for lifting a prayer for my family.

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Appointment to hear the word

Appointment to hear the word of God? Jesus told his disciples, a student is not greater than his teacher. A pastor is only a guide, like Phillip was a guide to the Ethiopian man in the chariot in Acts. You pray that the holy spirit teaches them. The word of God is sweeter when it comes from Him not a man. Jesus walked with His disciples, but did not reveal everything about the kingdom or himself until the last days. When some had a question on scripture, Jesus asked that person how he interprets the scripture. Prayer is not a one way street, but communion through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us, to ask the father anything in His name. So pray that the word comes from God not by sitting through a service every Sunday. God bless the messenger(pastors), for bringin the good news. But let the Father make growth. Like Paul said, he who plants an he who waters is one, but growth comes from God.

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