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I am asking God to open a new door for me. Over the last few years I have been unhappy at work even though I was well paid by my employer. I believed the company was cutting corners and not providing the quality of healthcare to our patients which I was striving to deliver. Years ago God taught me money can't buy happiness and that is something which I really need to have at the workplace.

About 1 1/2 months ago God told me to resign from my job. I did as he instructed me to do and now I am waiting for him to open a new door where I can continue my carreer and make a difference for the Lord my God. Recently, I talked to a Physician at the facility I am hoping to work at and I was encouraged at his desire to bring me onto their staff.

Please pray God will open this door soon. I walk by faith and not by sight. I know that God will provide for me out of the riches of his kingdom and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you and may God return the blessing upon you also for praying for me in my time of need.

Jeff H.

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Jeff H.
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Hello Jeff, I know that

Hello Jeff,
I know that god will open this door for you, but I just wanted to say that before you start this new journey that you remember what your purpose is, and what your intentions are when you receive this blessing because money comes, and goes but your character sticks with you throughout your life:)
Love a good friend

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