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Nursing school

Lord, please help me as I struggle through my second semester in nursing school. I've already cried my heart out many times and wondered why do I always have to be on the edge of failing my classes. But I know that this is your way of teaching me to be humble and to trust more in you, God, and not through my ability. So here I am Lord, I surrender everything. Right now, I only ask you Lord to deliver me from my fear and get rid of all the distractions that's keeping me from doing my best. Guide me Holy Spirit as I answer each and every question that will appear in my final exams. Give me a clear and critical mind that will lead me to the right answers.
P.S. Thank you so much Lord for molding me even if it means I have to go through difficulties like these. I know that by the time I graduate, these trials and challenges that I'm facing today is a only a tidbit of the bigger testimony that you have in store for me. So whatever the outcome may be, I will accept it. For now, I will hold on to your promise in Jeremiah 29:11 :)

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Praying that the Lord will

Praying that the Lord will give you peace on your assignments and any exams. That you will find your strength completly in the Lord, for in him you can do all things.

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