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Opening My Heart MORE to God

I recently heard on one the few Christian Radio Stations that I listen to about how "near" the "end" really is. It made me wonder; am I ready, do I know for a fact that I am going to Heaven or not, etc.

My husband and I spent some time on this yesterday afternoon after church. Our conversation made me feel better, made me realize how much I have truly grown in the love of Jesus Christ and also how much more I need to work on.

Today felt like a new day. I truly just ask that God open my heart, to be more loving, to not judge, to not seek acceptance from others as much, to not worry or fear man, but to love like Jesus does. To not take everything else so serious and lessen the cross but to take the cross more serious and lessen the world a bit. :)

I am just trying to let the Lord work through me by praying even more, reading some devotionals during the week, fellowship MORE with my husband, and put Christ first in all things.

Thank you!

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Courteney Y.
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Father I agree with

Father I agree with courteney's request and I ask you on her behalf, and my own help us walk closer to you.


In the bible it states, call

In the bible it states, call on the name of the Lord and you shall be saved. If you confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart that Jesus, died and rose again you shall be saved. Our enemy satan uses that line with all Christians, he has used that on me as well. Tell him to back off and praise the man with the scarred hands Jesus Christ. Dear Father in the name Of Jesus, I ask that you comfort my sister and remove all doubt that the enemy is throwing at her. In Jesus Name Amen God Bless

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