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I been unemployed for about two years dispite all my attempts to get a job. I have not been able to and it is taking it toll. I was informed on Monday that the only money coming from child support will not be given to my children and I. My children and I just moved into our own place after living with my friend and her family in one bedroom for a year and half. I just pray that the Lord would open doors for me to be able to get a job because my children deserve a place of own. I will not be able to buy them Christmas But thanks to God My family and friends will make it good for them. Thank you in advance very much for your prayers.

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I just want to encourage you

I just want to encourage you through Psalm 23 and Psalm 139. GOD has known your WHOLE life and path since before you and your kids were born and HE has the PATH for you.. so don't fear. I CAN say this because I have been without a job for 4 years now... my husband has lost a few because if illness and has not been able to keep any job because of his heart. Although our kids are grown .. we have 3 furry kids whom GOD brought our way to adopt. I have actually 'settled down' in my faith now.. because I have watched GOD MOVE to PROVIDE for our EVERY NEED. And I have learned what NEED means. HE has ALWAYS comes through in HIS way and in HIS TIMING, by HIS Means. It's actually getting fun to watch and always leaves me with my mouth hanging open... which in itself is a sight.
The KEY I have been taught is never to ask someone else for help... only tell GOD our needs.
There are times your faith will be tested until the end of it.. but then.. HE WILL COME. If HE does not supply something it means HE is going to make a change in your life somehow.. so be patient. He moved me from NC to NV and paid for the trip when I had no money. There will be times He will use those closest to us and then complete strangers. HE WILL.. that's all you need to know.. and ask for help when there is unbelief in your heart.. I had to for me.. because I was not sure He would want to help me.. But now.. the world can fall apart around me.. but HE will take care of me and I even have the faith to GIVE to others which is the BEST CHRISTMAS! GOD is building a NOAH type faith in HIS people.. just BELIEVE and "DO whatever HE tells you" Love in Christ!


God is faithful to those who

God is faithful to those who love Him. I know that God has you where you are for a reason. And your children will grow closer to Him because they see you faithfullness. I pray that God keeps you, your family and your friend's family in perfect peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding. And that whatever was taken from you will be returned to you 10 folds.
I am a single mom and understand having to go without for a season. God bless you abundantly!!!

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