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Parents to be Born Again Christinas!

Hi Sos radio. God Bless all of you working for our Lord Jesus Christ!! May He continue to help and Bless All of you in your lives by helping spread the word of God to everyone! I have this prayer request for my parents and to my wife. There has been so many challenges in the life I have being between my parents and my wife. I Pray that my parents become Born Again Christians because I am a born Again Christian now. I was born catholic but I wasn't reading the Holy Bible as much as I am right now. I witness my parents practicing prayer to idols that God doesn't want us to do which is said in the word of God. They pray to Mary and still believe in the rossary. Please Pray for my parents to accept to be Born Again Christians so that they will know the truth in order for their sins to be forgiven. I feel sorry for my parents because their hearts are hard. The Holy Bible has helped me open up more to Jesus Christ and to follow the word of God because I realize that my Holy Spirit has been so hungry.

Another Prayer that I request is for my parents and my wife to be at peace with each other. Money was a problem and right now my parents struggle in paying the mortgage that is under the name of my wife and I. I Pray that my parents will choose to do what is right from wrong. Please Pray for my parents to ease their struggle and to help them ask our Lord Jesus for help because they also play bingo every weekend at the casino. Since my wife and I are no longer living with my parents, please Pray that the house will be removed from my wife's name and my name. It hurts me to have a house that is under my name that I should no longer be responsible for along with my wife's name since it has caused us to be stressful. Please help and pray that there will be a long modification and to have that house removed from my wife's name and mine also. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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Standing in prayer with you

Standing in prayer with you Steve!

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