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Peace to my Niece in Tulare, CA.

I am ashamed to say that I have allowed silly family fighting to allow me to stray far away from my Niece & Nephew - all because their father, my brother and my sisters and I fought after the passing of my own dad. Silly I know! But it's strange how even Christian's act when it comes to the division of property after the passing of our parents.

Well my parents have been in the kingdom of God for several years now but we have yet to forgive our brother for his selfish behavior at the passing of Dad. As I write this, I wipe away the tears because my heart has forgiven and I have reconnected with my Niece but my brother hasn't reached out to me to forgive.
Well now I just found out that my brother's wife's father is on life support and they are pulling the plug and my Niece is hurting - the WORST part is... I had to find this out on Facebook!

I pray peace be with her grandfather, I pray for peace over the entire family and pray for a peaceful journey into the kingdom of God for her grandfather (if that is God's will) but if God can heal this man and bring him back to health that would be my ultimate prayer!

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