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Perimenopause is making me crazy!!

A few months ago I went to see my doctor because I had been suffering from a few issues, tired, hot all the time especially at night, weight gain, fun stuff like that. I already had an idea what it was, but was still stunned when she said that I had started the early stages of menopause, perimenopause to be exact. Im only 38, and I already am scared to death to age (not sure why). It just seemed weird that at my age I was starting this change in my life already, but she assured me that now a days its very normal. So Im having a hard time dealing with this, saying goodbye to a part of my life. so I'm a little crazy these days I cry A LOT, and I'm depressed a lot. I just want to be normal again.. And I am so thankful for everything I have, my family, a nice home, great kids that I love more than anything. I'm just not ready for all this.

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Sorry you are feeling

Sorry you are feeling frustrated and fearful, I understand.

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