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Please help me stop drinking


I am drinking more frequently than I want to, and would like some prayers to help me stop. It is more difficult than I thought and could some prayer support to help me continue on a sober path. Thank you.

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Its very important that You

Its very important that You know that temptation won't last for ever. As your body gets cleaner and cleaner, you star feeling a natural hi that gives you strength. Just hang in there for a while, resist the enemy and eventually he will go away. It's not fast but is sure. Keep praying don't let go of God's hand.


I am a recovering

I am a recovering alcoholic,and know how crooked that path is,BUT I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior;and now (9 months since not even a drop) All because of the love that Christ has for us!!!!!!!!! Remember this" wine is a mocker,and strong drink is a fool" God bless you and I know how you feel and I know you will have the obsession for that drink removed! Ask and you will receive!!!!!!!!


I will pray for you and if

I will pray for you and if ever I feel tempted to do something that I shouldn't be then I try and read the bible or listen to SOS radio. A song I love listening to is, "You Love Never Fails" by Newsboys. Stay strong!

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