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I care for my mom who had a massive brain stem stroke 8 yrs ago. She was locked out of her home on Nov. 8 due to a so called foreclosure when the bank is still sending her letters that they are working on her loan mod. In the meanwhile, I was accused by a neighbor of elder neglect & have to appear in court on Dec. 20, 2011 @ 8am. My mom was hospitalized for 3 wks & animal control took all our pets. We retrieved 2 dogs; one being my mom's. after being in our new home a week exactly, he suffered a stroke & died in my arms this past Wednesday. We have no funds right now food, no gas, no money. Rent & utilities due in 2 weeks. Please pray for favor in court & that charges against me are dropped so that I may continue to care for my mom as I have since the stroke. Please pray for finances & health for my mom.

Bless you.

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Dear father I am asking for

Dear father I am asking for your intervention for these folks. I ask that you step in and take care of their fiances, I ask that you extend your mercy to these people, and show them that their is light at the end of the tunnel. In Jesus name Amen


Weeping and praying with

Weeping and praying with you.. crying out to GOD for His will and intervention...SAVE GOD!

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