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Please pray for healing for Emily

I know God has his reasons for what he allows and for his timing. It is truly breaking my heart that he hasn't healed Emily. She is a church members daughter and she is 5 or 6 and is about to have her 35 surgery to remove growths from her vocal chords. My church has prayed several times over her. Please pray that God will heal her. Thank you.

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My prayers go out to Emily

My prayers go out to Emily and her family!!!


Father-God, If it is your


If it is your will, please display your mightiness in young Emily and let this be her final surgery. Allow her a full recovery so all can witness your miracles. I pray not only for healing, but patience and strength in Emily and her family and friends.

In your name I pray!



Hi, I know it is always

I know it is always difficult when a child is ill, and it is also difficult not know why or what or how, but HE kows. We may eventually know, we may not, and as difficult as it is we need to contiue praying and giving the glory to HIM. I hope this kind of helps.

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