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I am struggling right now with totally trusting in God and allowing Him to take on all of my worries, fears, and stresses regardless of how big or small they are. My world feels as though it has been crashing down around me because I have taken it upon myself to deal with these things in my life. Please pray for me; that I can start breaking down barriers and trusting God with everything that I am presented with in my life. I know I need Him in order to be strong and at peace in this life and I need to have the humility to let go and let Him take care of me. Thank you and God bless.

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Hi, take it day by day....or

take it day by day....or if need be moment by moment. and be PATIENT!!!! I have been a believer for almost ten years now, and i am constantly reminded GOD works on HIS time table, and HE really does hear you...sometimes things happen which leave us going OOOKKK!!! Remember we may not see what is happening or why at the time, but HE sees EVERYTHING!!! and he makes NO MSTAKES!!! Give it time you'll see.

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