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Hello everyone, I would like to feel God's presence in my life as I am going through a really rough time. I am currently going through a divorce due to being an abusive relationship, starting a new job that is a two hour drive from my hometown, and feeling very emotionally sick. Lately I feel anxious,stressed out, very lonely,depressed, and it is messing up my relationships with everyone who really cares for me. My best friend currently won't let me come over to his house anymore because he is worried I have an episode and flip out. My mom and dad worry about me. My son asks me if I am alright when he sees me cry. I don't like feeling this way and I try to snap out of it and focus on the things I know to be true that God loves me and Jesus too. That I am a beautiful person with a purpose. Please pray that I start feeling better. Pray that the Almighty God will heal put all the broken pieces of my heart together again so that I can be truly happy and find peace and be able to help others around me. Thanks.

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