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Please pray for me my friends

Hello my friends, and rich blessings to you in Christ.

My name is Kelly, and I have recently been delivered from several dozen demonic enemies in my life, praise GOD! Many I have lived with my entire life like: Depression, Lust, Alcohol, Sexual Impurity, Tobacco, and many others to say the least. I am writing to you today because I have begun to share my experiences with others through a blog I started, and I know the enemy is stirring because of the loss of control over my life!

Today in the glory of Christ I live, yet he has placed on my heart that many believers are in the same tangled web of lies as I was in before my deliverance. I ask that you pray for your brother in Christ as I begin my journey into the Deliverance Ministry.

Be blessed in knowing the truth of Christ Jesus.

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I'm praying for you Kelly.

I'm praying for you Kelly. You already have strength through Christ. Continue to receive His blessings and be His vessel. You are doing the right thing in sharing your life with others.

Grace :-)

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