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please pray for my 19-year old son

My son just lost his college scholarships, including the one to play college basketball - his dream for so many years. He lost all this, and lots more, because he has gotten into smoking "weed" and drinking alcohol - - -LOTS. My heart is broken for him, and for our family. I lost my daughter 5 years ago to suicide - she got into drinking in college as well. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SON - HIS NAME IS MATTHEW. HE IS A BRIGHTS, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, GIFTED YOUNG MAN WHO GAVE HIS LIFE TO THE LORD WHEN HE WAS VERY SMALL....BUT HE HAS LOST SIGHT OF ALL OF THAT, AND LIVES EACH DAY FOR THE NEXT 'FIX.' PLEASE HELP ME. THANK YOU.

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Praying with you that God

Praying with you that God will order Matthew's steps toward getting the right help and guard his life. There are many good christian programs and counselors available in our area too. My nephews are both getting help as well and are learning about the Lord. It took awhile but they are making progress. Sending you a hug too!

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