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Please pray for my daughter, Alicia

My daughter, Alicia is 14. She has already made some poor choices about sexual activities and thinks that because she has been going out with the same boy for a year its okay. Her boyfriend claims to be athiest and has no respect for me or her! She just dosent see him for what he is. I have tried to talk with her but she either blocks out what I'm saying or outright lies about what is going on. I have been praying and praying that God will remove this boy from her life, but I would love for some extra prayers for her. Please pray that she may turn back to The Lord and that He will remove this young man from her life before they make anymore poor decisions. Thank you for your prayers for my child!

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For some odd reason as I was

For some odd reason as I was reading your prayer request I felt to tell you to see the movie 'Courageous', take your daughter. Then.. her heart may open.. she'll 'see' as GOD opens the door for a loving discussion and reveals your father's heart. Praying with you.

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