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Please pray for my family

I have a very close knit family. Our children are close in age and are best friends,we both have a son and a daughter. The girls are 12 and are the best of friends our boys are 13 and they are best friends also. My brother and his wife are having problems in their marriage and recently separated and it is affecting their children. He has moved out and the kids are trying to be cope with it the best they can but I can see they are hurting,angry and just want their dad(my brother)back at home with them. While my son was having a sleep over at their house and my brother brought him home early I was told by brother that his daughter had told her mom that my son has been pulling down her pants while she was sleeping. I am devastated I ask my son was this true and he also was very upset and said it was not true. My husband and I met with my brother and his wife to talk about it. Of course they believe their daughter and we believe our son. We have decided that our kids will not be seeing one another anymore. I am sad I am angry I don't believe my son would do that to his cousin or to anyone else. I need prayer I need to know how to go forward. My son is hurting.

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