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Please pray for my marriage

I had thought things had been going really well in our marriage lately, but apparently my wife has been growing increasingly frustrated with me culminating in a letter she wrote me last night. Basically shes upset with me because she feels she doesn't take precedence in my life, which probably holds some truth and she is "tired of trying to be more than what [I] seem to see [her] as".

I'm trying to take ownership of her concerns, which have merit, but I just don't know what do to do and could really use some help from above.
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Interestingly enough we seem

Interestingly enough we seem to be on similar ground. The Lord said to me yesterday that the 'purest form of love' has no 'self' in it. That it is wholly 'other' focused and when we can give that kind of love (once we learn it) we will receive it in return, but many times not until.
My own pride and concern for self got in the way in our marriage and now that I am dying to that things are changing. God always requires US to take the first step and prefer others before ourselves. Even if something my spouse deems important (but it is not to me) I am to make it as important as my own interests.)Humility and Sacrifice is the path I am on. praying for you both as you hear one another's hearts.


Both the movie Fireproof and

Both the movie Fireproof and the series "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggrichs have helped us!

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