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please pray for my sick dad - he's a fighter

hi, my name is elisa. my dad, mark, has been fighting a severe lung infection and has been in the hospital for 6 months. the dr. says it's a miracle he's still alive and on top of that has his mind still there and an incredibly strong heart. my dad has been put on a ventilator and has a peg tube to be fed through his stomach he has had significant weight loss also. currently his pancreas is inflamed causing his body to reject the tube feed. despite all of this dad says he wants to continue fighting and does not want to give up. he has a 3 year old grandson he still wants to make memories with and a new life in Christ he wants to live. through out this entire process my dad has been saved! he accepts Christ and I'm doing everything I can to fill his spirit with God's word. Sometimes when I pray i feel God saying my dad will be a testimony and will turn his life to honor God and that healing is coming for my dad but after 6 month i begin to question what i've heard. i try daily to focus on God and keep my heart in Him and His will. I'm so proud of my dad for fighting so hard. Please pray for healing, peace and that he comes to know God for who God is and all the love He has for my dad. My dad has had MANY attacks launched on him from the enemy. some of the stories I have of what's happened to him are horrendous but God is watching over him and protecting him. PLEASE PLEASE be praying for him. Thank you with all of my heart.

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