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Please pray for my sister...

Her name is Marissa. She loves to party and I'm worried about her crazy ways. She's come to my church a couple times for its events, but always leaves early. She's asked me questions about things from the Bible and I'm thankful I was there to answer them as best could... but that's not the same as saving her... She is responsible, but she's so worldly and some of her friends use drugs so I'm very worried! I pray for her every night, so if someone else did too I believe it's like fellowship and the Lord will surely lend His ear. Thank you! I will update with a praise report and keep faith!

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PRAISE REPORT! My sister is

PRAISE REPORT! My sister is seriously thinking of moving to Oregon, which I think is a more wholesome place than Las Vegas is. I pray now that she gains better ties with godly people and leaves her old friends behind. Thank you for praying!

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