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please pray for my son Jeremy

I was told last wk. At my son Jeremy speech assessment that hes autistic.because he don't speak. An some of his behavior actions.I feel so lost not knowing what to do as a single parent with no help from his dad. I no God can heal my baby from this. Please keep my little Jeremy in prayer. I just want him to have a normal life. Thank you. Denise

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Denise Henry
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I'm praying for you and I

I'm praying for you and I just wanted to share my story with you and pray it is an encouragement during these times. I raised 7 children on my own and all 7 had/have one type or another of mental health issues from bipolar, ADD/ADHD, behavior problems, suicidal idealizations, visual and audio hallucinations, learning disabilities, and the list goes on and on. My son Joshua at the age of 3 was diagnosed mild autistic and began speech therapy and other services asap of us finding out. I too felt so hopeless and didn't have a clue to what I should be doing to help any of them. Well I emerged myself in anything I could to gain knowledge of their challenges and asked every question I could of the doctors.
Just know God is in control and regardless of what the doctors say God ALWAYS has the last word.
My son Joshua taught himself to read before even entering grade K, and I am proud to say now even with him as a teen being diagnosed also with having bipolar and being hospitalized a few times in a mental health hospital he is now in his 4th year of college and graduating next year and is also in the air force reserves. You could never begin to believe at one time he couldn't talk and didn't like being around people cause now he never shuts up and is one of the worlds greatest debtor I know. He is going into the field of law.
Our children just process and do things different so that doesn't mean they aren't "normal".
Give him to God and just remember God is the author of our lives. Speak life into your sons life, body, mind and spirit daily and thank God for his healing.
Good luck and should you ever need anyone to talk with I am here for you.
Much love to you!!

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