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Please pray for our family

I love the Lord and I ask you to please help me and my family pray for God to protect, heal and make this year the most blessed yet for me and my family. Pray God will remove the burdens and adversaries I am dealing with from my life and release me and my family from oppression. Pray God will rebuke satan from my life, my families lives and my adversaries lives. Pray my adversaries hearts are changed to follow Christ not the world. Pray every heart and mind of my adversaries are changed to have and only show love, mercy, compassion and kindness towards me, my family and others. Please pray no weapon formed against me will prosper. Please pray no more weapons will be formed against me and no more burdens will come against me. Please pray the Lord will protect me from every adversary. Pray God will not allow my adversaries to prosper or even work against me. Pray God will burden their hearts to follow Christ. I do so love the Lord. I ask you to please pray God will open doors and avenues for me and my family to prosper in His Word and in life. Pray God will place His mighty hedge of protection around us and pour out His blessings upon me, my family and our church family. Please agree with me in prayer. I thank you for your prayers. Larry

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