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Please pray That I am Blessed with a miraculous change to my health situation(where my stomach blows up to look 9 months pregnant)...... and lot's of financial freedom and to meet the love of my life, the man whom I am supposed to marry - The freedom and push in life to move forward and move on and not be stuck in the past.

Also, please pray for my Mom that she turns her health around and her financial situation and finds the love of her life also-

And for my sister that she gets out of her bad relationship and attracts a real man whom loves her and her 2 kids... and please pray for her and her two kids, to be Protected!!

Thanks You ALL-
God Bless,
Every Blessing!!!!!!!!!

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my stomach does the same

my stomach does the same thing the dr told me that it could be 3 different things liver kidneys or gall bladder .. keep a record of when it happens what did you just eat? if it was fried or greesy it could be gallbladder. if it is accompinied with lower back pain and water retention possibly kidneys... if up high and hard liver.....been dealing with for three yrs they still havent been able to tell me so i stopped going ..i gave to GOD only he can heal us anyway .. i will pray for you . pray for me


Awh- Thanks for commenting--

Awh- Thanks for commenting-- i have assumed there are other people experiencing something similar(not just me) even though, sometimes you feel all alone- thanks so much and it is very strange- have had so many tests and ultra sounds- but who knows- it comes and goes.... i do feel a hard bump (like a ball) under my belly button, which i have always thought was a fibroid but no one seems to be able to find- oh well..... i hope you are feeling better- and my prayers are there for you- what is your name??
yes, GOD is the ONLY one who can HEAL us!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER ~
Thanks, and God Bless.

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