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Powers and principalities beating on our home

Hello. Please pray for us as I feel we are being attacked spiritually. My 4 year old daughter has been throughing terrible tantrums over not getting her way and she is talking more disrespectfully toward me. Also causing my 2 year old to copy the behavior. I have a 6 month old who I am constantly trying to protect from wild playing. I am trying to apply scriptures in their devotions and my own. I am praying that as I'm called to be the example as I'm the mom; that God will give me His victory. That my model would be pleasing to Him and my discipline would be just and effective and showing Gods authority grace and mercy. I am currently praying for my church Africa missions and the vbs preparations and last week I was blessed to be able to bless others. I think that may be adding to the attacks as I have been warned of such. One more important issue. As controversial ad vaccinations are; my husband and I have decided to not immunize our baby until we feel that The Lord wants us to. We are not absolutely certain of His will on this and I feel guilty both ways doing it or not. We are trying to be still before The Lord as we wait for His answer. Doing nothing unless we know without doubt He wants us to. Please pray for us on that and for protection against diseases for our baby and family.
Thank you

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