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Praise - Staff of SOS Radio

How is it that I have been in Henderson, NV and feel totally immersed into my christian Radio family?!?

Could it be the great music with no commercials? Maybe its the encouraging Facebook messages or possibly the way my online prayer requests within a 1/2 hour I was texted that I was prayed for. I've got it, its the DJ's who feel like their my big brothers/sisters looking out for my spiritual life!

I so love and appreciate each and everyone of you!

In His perfect love
Susan Tietz

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I would like to PRAISE GOD

I would like to PRAISE GOD with Susan for all of you at SOS Radio. You are uplifting when the world is dragging us down. God is using SOS in a very powerful way and I am so blessed and proud to be part of the SOS Christian family. Thank you again!


Please pray that I can go to

Please pray that I can go to calif. with my family. My feelings of guilt of living my mother
Alone. She is 86yrs old. But spry as a young chicken. My husband has to gone home to be
With Jesus, 9yrs ago. I live in a town where there isn't a lot going on. I have the chance to
Make a difference in my grandchild end lives. Thank you for your consistent love
For the hurting.

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