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Pray for the Cota Family 1 year old boy has leukemia. Joshua.

Please pray for my dear friends Marixa and Arturo Cota, but especially for their 1 year old son Joshua. The recently found out that their son has leukemia. The original diagnoses was that he had ALL (Acute lymphocytic leukemia) which was supposed to go away and not come back after two years of chemo and treatments. This week they had to take him to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well. Now the doctors are saying that he has MLL (Mixed lineage leukemia) which is a worse kind of leukemia. I of course don't know all the medical terms that need to be used here, but basically it has gone from being a small issue to a bigger one. Please pray for healing over Joshua's body. Pray for his parents who have to struggle through this on a daily basis. I spoke to his mom today and she sounds very devastated and she know that God is in control but she is also keeping in her mind that if it is God's will to take this little boy that she is ready for that too. But I know that God can make a miracle in their lives. Like the bible says when the disciples ask Jesus who had sin for this man to be blind, and he said no one has sinned but that he had let this happened for God to be glorified. And I believe that God wants to show his glory in this situation.

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