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Pray that God provides a place for me to go/live and a good job. Living with family on unemployment, out of the blue they tell me to get out. I have done nothing but help them the best I can only to be thrown away. I had planned on moving out when school gets out next week, but my plans shattered. I am also saddened that a job i thought would be in the bag i still have yet to hear from. both these incidents are keeping me from having a place to live. Family member asked again today when my boxes would be packed. I dont want to live in a hotel, I have no options though. I am very crushed by this, I am tired of being looked down on because I lost my job. I have been there for my fam for every emergency and problem that has happened or that they have brought upon themselves. when I lost my job in 2011 all i got was ridicule, I want so badly for my life to be better than this, tired of the setbacks. I pray for a miracle that would shatter all this depression and bad circumstances. Pray that God would release something great into my life before its too late.IJNIP

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I pray GOD releases somethign

I pray GOD releases somethign GREAT AND BIG in your life. Ive learned when we pray to GOD that he blesses just enough he wants us to pray for BIG FAVOR. So I pray "GOD please give the person on the other end of this prayer request a HUGE BLESSING like they've never seen before". Help them receive a job where she can do your work. Help her family understand that getting a job right now is difficult but it will come her way." AMEN! I declare GOD has great things in store for you. Embrace the challenges and become a testimony when he pushes you throw this storm. RCR


Micah, We will be praying for

Micah, We will be praying for you. Hang in there -- sometimes life doesn't seem fair and those we love may hurt us, but much better things will come. Keep your faith and know that Christ is with you -- keep searching and something really good will come your way. There are jobs and job fairs coming up . . . prepare your best and have confidence in your skills and positive qualities that will make you a great employee. Don't give up!I hope that you will find something that really makes you happy, but if you get the opportunity to work, be grateful for it and and get good references for the future.


Micah, I've been there too,

Micah, I've been there too, but "when your father and mother forsake you, the Lord will take you up." He is always faithful! Get alone, give Him all your problems and He will provide.

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