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Pray for me please.

Please Please pray for me and my granddaughter. I am going through some money problems and I can not afford my mediciane or my bills. It seems that sometimes I am losing my confidence in the lord and I try to do everything my self.

Please pray that I stop doing it my way and wait for him. It is just so hard when the bills are due and I am a diabitic and everything is closing in on me. I just need to trust in him. Thank you for praying for me and my granddaughter

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I am sinful. God is perfect.

I am sinful. God is perfect. My confidence rests securely in God. The only confidence I have in myself is that if I go my own way I will surely make a huge mess. Why would I trust a falable imperfect sinful man(myself) over an infalable perfect pure loving God?

FAther we come before you weak and struggling and messy. YOu are the only hope that we have but what HOPE!! YOur word is truth. WE can do all things throu Christ. We can praise you in all circumstances. I ask you that you encourage Vicky and strengthen her. Turn your face toward her and bless her. Renew her faith and carry her throu this trial

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