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Pray for Mike and his family

Over three weeks ago Mike was driving home from Bozeman and rolled his car. Mike was ejected from his car and was found unconcious. He was life flighted to seattle and has been in a coma ever since. Mike broke every bone in his body possible and is suffering a SEVERE brain injury. Doctors say if he survives he will pretty much be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Please, please, please just pray HARD for a miracle for Mike. Pray that God heals Mike to a full recovery and that he will be healthy again someday SOON. Pray for strength for Mikes family and friends and that they seek God through all of their anger, confusion, and troubles.

Thank you, greatly appreciated

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Josilyn Olson
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Dear GOD... Thank You for

Dear GOD... Thank You for being ever present with Mike and His family. Do YOUR work in this situation LORD.. among the doctors, nurses and all caregivers. Among the family and most of all for Mike. Thanks for providing every need from the greatest to the least and for manifesting your PRESENCE and WORD that gives us peace. Surround them with your Angels and assure them that YOU will in the end.. bring GOOD from all of this.. a GIFT. For what Satan means for harm.. LORD.. YOU mean for the best for ALL around Mike. Thank YOU for being GOD! In JESUS name.. AMen!

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