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Pray for my boyfriend

Please join me in praying for my boyfriend. He is having a very difficult time- just in the month of May he lost his job, found out his family was stealing from his company in California and that they sold it without telling us. He left Vegas after being fired to go to Cali to focus on his company so that my 2 daughters and I can join him and build a life out in California. He was out there for 2 months and did not receive compensation for his work- while out there. While working on taking the company to new highs and new money opportunities his mother and step father treated him like he was a regular employee (not like the partner he was) and never paid him the money they agreed on. Also this month his ex-wife has not let him see or have contact with his kids which he is very close with. I quit my job at the church which I loved and put my 2 weeks at my day job as well so we can relocate with him to Cali, moved out of our apt and into my father’s house. ( which is a stressful environment at times). His cell phone was shut off, he was denied unemployment, is about to lose his car and we have to be out of my father’s house in a month for he is moving and will no longer have the house. Please pray for my bf and our family- I am trying to stay strong but at moments I can’t help but cry. I am not angry with him because we decided as a couple to take this chance, but please pray for him for he has attempted suicide ones already and I don't want him to try again. I have him listening to SOS radio and it seems to calm him when it’s on but ones the radio is off he is angry and volatile. Please pray and I’m sorry this is so long. thank you for reading.

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