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Pray for my family

My youngest son was taken into CPS custody because he forced one of his sisters to have sex with him. He had sexually acted out when he was 8,and I placed alarms on the doors and did everything I could to protect my girls. His therapist said he was stabized and CPS told us that we could not have all the devises because my son felt he was locked in his room at night. There was no lock on his door. I have been unable to find anyone that is willing to take him until CPS decides he is able to come home, if ever. I adopted him and his older brother in 2009. This is when his father died. Because his father died, I receive social security to help pay for his needs. Now that he is in care, CPS is taking that money. This is $1257 per month.

That is the background so you understand the situation.

I would like everyone to keep my family in their prayers. My family is losing $1257 of our income every month he is in foster care. I am afraid I am going to lose the home I purchased for my children. My oldest son only has his brother left to remind him of his dad. No one in the family wants to lose him, but we don't want my daughter getting hurt any longer.

All four of my children have been adopted and I became I'll one year after I adopted them. So I am not able to work.

Just pray that God's will be done in our lives.

Thank you

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