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pray for my family and I URGENT!

Were under major attack, financial , health and otherwise. I am currently unemployed and my friend told me of a great job opportunity I rushed to get the certification and paid for the class got 100% on my final exam. Was supposed to start Friday and now they said for some reason there is a delay. Unemployment abruptly stopped 6 months early. I have to put a lot on credit card and borrow from fam. I did not ask to lose my job and am trying my hardest to obtain a new one. My sibling has mental health issues and never takes the meds they are supposed to. This results in a lot of grief for my mom who takes care of them. They are in another state for a friends wedding which didn't go so well. They called her tonight saying they have gone days without sleep. Pray they sleep tonight and wake up mentally refreshed they fly back on Monday. Pray they will get their life together. My mom has spent thousands on therapist, meds, you name it. My other sibling is dealing with a bully at work who makes it their daily mission to sabotage her. That mixed with her husband whose been a real jerk lately she's been breaking down at work. I have been doing all that I can to be there for support for all of my family. I just CAN'T anymore. My stomach is in knots every night from stress. We all need to be delivered from these attacks and burdens and for break through to enter our live's. I am really weak right now. Help us Lord, INIP Amen.

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