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Pray for my Husband's healing

Hello all,

I am adding a prayer request for my husband.

He suffers from a variety of chronic physical ailments.
He has terrible pain from what we believe to be adult onset scoliosis. His spine is curving from his hips to his neck and seems to be getting worse.

As a result of his Pre-existing conditions, he is unable to obtain medical insurance- or at least anything that we could afford, yet we are told that I make just barely over the maximum household annual income level to qualify for state care. He needs to see a doctor for testing and diagnosis and we do not have access.

Over the past month his health has deteriorated quickly and I fear his life is at stake. He has many more bad days than good days and he is approaching a state that may warrant full time care. He will be 44 in January.

Please pray for us in finding medical care and for the Lord's healing .

God Bless you.

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Charlyn Blair
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I'm very sorry to hear of the

I'm very sorry to hear of the pain your husband is going through,and the struggles of finding help. I'm praying and asking God for healing, for direction, and answers to help you.

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