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Pray for my mom and i to stop fighting and disagreeing

Dear lord please help my mom and i to be able to get a long and let's be able to get into a nice area because this area right now is not so good we need a safe place. I pray for my mom's boyfriend. Thank you lord for having the parole officer to understand and lord please let every thing go good when he comes over next week. lord just keep me humble in your word give me the strength to stay on the right track. I also pray for my father and i to be able to bond and my brother. lord right now were struggling on Restoration and gas lord please help us to be able to trust on you that you will supply every need like you say in your Phil 4:19 My God shall supply every need Thank you lord. I pray that you can help me to find a job please lord open some doors for me. lord guide me to the ppl that can help me and my family i am crying out to you lord. I am worried give me the strength to not be worry or fear because in your word says 2 Timonthy1:17 God has not given a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound minded.

Also about that young boy on 2and half men that's 19 I think he should just keep staying humble in the word and keep praising God and keeping the Faith and getting closer and closer to God. In Jesus name amen

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michelle aguilar
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