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Pray for Our Friend Suffering from Cancer

Please pray for our friend Sue has was diagnosed with ovarian cancer - she has been told its recently spread to her liver and has been moved to hospice as they are only giving her two weeks to live. She is in her early 30s and married. I pray more than anything that she knows Jesus Christ and if not, she gives her life to him through this. I pray for the same for her husband and that he will be led to Christ thought this tragedy. Please pray for her healing and that her life may be spared if it is His will. I also wish to pray for her parents and family because they lost her brother about a year ago and the grief they must be feeling as they face losing her must be unbearable.

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Tonya, I hope that you tell

I hope that you tell Sue all these beautiful thoughts and prayers for her. Just speak from your heart and she will hear and feel your love and caring.
Sue and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
I was seriously ill in my 30s and continue to deal with a life-threatening illness when I get serious attacks. What saved me was being open to and researching natural or new ideas/methods.
It's all in God's hands . . . if you are not sure if your friend believes in Christ and has accepted Him as her Savior, is it something you can ask her and share how it gives you strength and hope?
I will pray for you, as well. Maybe God is working through your caring to help your friend and her family.

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