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pray for a solution for my family please

Hi my name is Ursula ,age25,Just 3 weeks ago i moved in to live at my boyfriends uncle house.My boyfriend and i made an agreement to rent for a room at his uncle house $600.Since i was going to become homeless with my two kids since i couldn't afford an apartment. Plus i was waiting for so long like 3 years..For the my boyfriend who is the father of my kids to support us and help me out as a family should be.So we do love each other and i my point here is that now that i see that he's not committed to God and neither his family are like i was and still am though working on finding a church at a area that I'm new at is different.I want God to also help him stop smoking weed even though he says is medication for his jaw because he got shot it support to help him he says..though he also smokes cigarettes and he always wants to smoke he is addited,He says he'll stop for the kids but he doesn't get what stop means.Please pray for him and the whole boyfriend name is Raymond , his family, Carmen ,Timothy ,my kids Joshua ,Arltte so God can help us be a good family and find the right church please thank you so much God bless you

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