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I have been saved for almost 4yrs and I am losing all my faith. I am going through major mind battles I feel so alone and lost. I cry every day and night. I was divorced in 2010 and I hate that I am a single parent and the struggles that had come against me in the recent months with losing my job is so heavy on my shoulder I feel like i have nothing left in me. I am not gonna lie I do feeling like giving up but I do know that will take me right to the pit of hell. Please pray for strength and a financial breakthrough. I don't want my children to see me cry anymore. I want my life back. I need to feel peace and love that I haven't felt in so long. I want that back more than anything..

God Bless,
Dorothy Long

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Dorothy Long
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Dorothy, Do not give up. No

Dorothy, Do not give up. No matter how alone you feel, GOD IS WITH YOU. He is your strength, your guidance and your comfort. Keep crying out to him to help you and sustain you and He will in His timing. I too am divorced and it has been the worst thing in my life and for a very long time I felt so very alone. But I see now that God was with me and I am a stronger person for what I have suffered. Remember, your time on this earth is but an instant, and eternity with God is forever. Ask God to show you how to live your life for His glory and to become the cherished person He created you to be. Hang in there. I am praying for you!! Becky


Thank you for the encouraging

Thank you for the encouraging words It means so much to know that I am not alone. Divorce is so hard. But its so true what you said find strength in Jesus. Now I am starting to see more and more I am truly nothing without Him. Thank you for your prayers it means so much.

God Bless, Dorothy

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