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I lost my job in 2009 I have lost everything I had but not my faith but its being test ever minute, I am so sad some night I cry my self to sleep wishing my Husband didn't OD on drugs leaving me here alone my kids are grown and gone except one and she in a life I don't like at all. I feel so alone I don't have any friends that I can just do things with, some one told me I was a loner I don't think so just the things that have happen to me in my life I don't trust people i have been hurt so bad I am trying to find my way back to God. Please pray for me..

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I can not begin to know what

I can not begin to know what you are going through; but I know we serve a BIG God who loves with an everlasting Love. He loves you and only wants good things for His children. Go to FB and look at Wonder Women Ministries we meet the 1st & 3rd Sat. Women empowering Women. Know you were created to love.


Sharon I feel the pain in

Sharon I feel the pain in your words. I think God wants you to trust Him... God provides for His people through vessels. He wants you to reach out to other Christians... In turn you will find peace comfort and belonging. Will you trust Him today? Hugs and prayers for you in Jesus' name.

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